Fill out the questionnaire to enter the lucky drawing– Satisfactory of the Agriculture Expo

Time 2018/05/06 13:01

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Fill out the questionnaire to enter the lucky drawing– Satisfactory of the Agriculture Expo

1. Time: April 4 to May 13, 2018

2. Who can enter: All visitors to Taoyuan Agriculture Expo

3. Website to fill out the questionnaire:

4. Presents for the Lucky Drawing Lot:

  • 1 iPhone 8 64G  
  • 5 SOGO gift vouchers at the value of NT$ 1000
  • 10 SOGO gift vouchers at the value of NT$ 500
  • 40 View Show cinema tickets
  • 100 7-11 gift vouchers at the value of NT$ 100

5. Winners’ list: The winners of this Lucky Drawing Lot will be drawn within a week after the end of the Expo by computer at random. The list of lucky winners will be posted on the official websites and winners will be notified with text messages.

6. Notice:

(1) Please fill out the questionnaire with authentic data and leave your cellphone number that you can receive text messages to facilitate the notification of award winning.

(2) If there are any false data in filling out the questionnaire (for example incomplete data or fill out with automatic programs, and more), the sponsor may cancel the rights of those problematic questionnaires in joining the lot drawing.

(3) If there is any computer fault, internet failure, or force majeure that causes data loss, mistakes, and unidentifiable data of participants when filling out the questionnaire, the sponsor will not bear any legal responsibilities. Participants may have no recourse over it.

(4) The gifts are designated by the sponsor. The sponsor will not be responsible for the usage, guarantee and maintenance of the gifts.

(5) For the rules, time, and winners’ list and other details of the luck drawing lot, the announcements of the official websites of Taoyuan Agriculture Expo will govern ( Taoyuan City Government retains the rights of terminating and changing the contents of this activity. All the changes will be announced in the official websites without further notice.

(6) According to the tax laws of the Republic of China, if the winners are individuals living in Taiwan (ROC), they must provide their identification for tax purposes. If the value of a single award exceeds (inclusive) NT$ 1,000, withholding statements will be issued. The winner must file in their incomes. If the value of a single award exceeds (inclusive) NT$ 20,000, the winner must pay 10% tax for income from contests before collecting the price. If the winners are aliens not residing in Taiwan (ROC), they must provide photocopies of their identifications for tax declaration. Regardless of the worth of the prize, winners have to pay the tax from the income from contests and games and from prizes and. awards won by chance before collecting the prize. According to the law of ROC, it is the winners’ duties to pay the tax for the income obtained from this activity.

(7) For matters not mentioned here, it will be conducted in accordance with the rules, regulations, or explications of Taoyuan City Government.

(8) This activity is administered by Chunghwa Telecom on behalf of Taoyuan City Government.


Taoyuan Agriculture Expo Fans Group

When visiting Taoyuan Agriculture Expo from April 4 to May 13, 2018 and fill out the online satisfaction questionnaire, you will have the chance of winning many great prizes, including an iPhone 8, gift vouchers of department stores and convenience stores, movie tickets and more. Please fill out now: