Invitation from the Mayor

Time 2017/02/14 15:16

Visitors 470

Aside from rich folk handicraft, Taoyuan is the industrial and commercial hub of Taiwan. From the largest flower cultivation area to the hometown of rice in northern Taiwan. In order to facilitate agricultural irrigation, Taoyuan has nearly 10,000 ponds and is also the largest granary in northern Taiwan. As times change, Taoyuan has gradually evolved into an industrial and commercial metropolis; with the dawning of the digital age, Taoyuan has transformed into the most international, high-tech and smart city in the country.


By taking the initiative in contemplating the future of Taoyuan, we aim to showcase the characteristics of local agriculture, fusion of diverse culture, potential of future agricultural technology and the prowess of Taoyuan’s unique agriculture through “2017 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo” in Xinwu, thereby demonstrating the uniqueness of international agriculture to the public.