Street Artist Application

Time:2019/09/10 15:00


ModifyTime:2019/09/26 10:00

Agency:Department of Tourism,Taoyuan, Taoyuan

Description of the 2019 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo. Street Performer Application

I. Qualification

(1) Any qualified street performers holding a valid certificate from any county or city government. 

(2) In consideration of the safety of the site, any open fire performance is prohibited.

II. Application mode: unified window, and with writing application only

(1) As of today until September 26, 2019 (all mails received on holidays shall be registered on the following workday), applicant shall apply at the contact window with a filled in the application form, an electronic version of the valid permit, entitled 2019 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo. Street Performance Application - ○○○ (name/group name).

(2) Priority shall be arranged according to email receiving time, and the results of the application shall be notified after compilation of file. Not opening for phone call and on-site impromptu registration.

(3) Contact Window Information: Miss Xiao, Performing Arts Section, Culture Bureau, Taoyuan City Government, Tel: 03-3322592, extension 8315, email:

III. Application period limit:

A total of nine areas are open to the street performers for application, with each zone limited to 1 group (no two groups shall perform at the same time in the same area). For the opening hours and the limit of number of periods for application, please see the application forms of each district.

Remarks: The opening ceremony on the morning of September 28, 2019, will not be open for application.

IV. Other important matters:

(1) The performance venue is provided for free without providing any performance fee, transportation and meals fees, except on-site donations and tips.

(2) No additional electricity is provided at the venue, the performers are requested to prepare their own equipment.

(3) No performance is allowed outside the permitted place and time.

(4) The performers are requested to arrive at the venue by general means of

transportation. No additional access and parking spaces are available. Please apply after the assessment.

(5) In the event of closure of exhibition area caused by typhoon or other force majeure factor, the performance periods shall be cancelled altogether; applicants will be notified if there is a temporary change to the applicable period.

(6) For location maps and Expo.-related information please visit our official website: