About the Taoyuan Agriculture Expo

Time:2019/09/10 15:00


ModifyTime:2019/09/27 11:12

Agency:Taoyuan City Government

It is the second “Taoyuan Agricultural Expo” since its pilot operation in 2017 and it has created new values for the brand of agriculture in Taoyuan. It fully displays the abundant knowledge about diversified agriculture, professional navigation in technology-based agriculture, economic value of eco-agriculture, and humane arts in agricultural life. Apart from the four themes of exhibition, namely, ‘Technological agriculture’, ‘Circular economy’, ‘Green life’ and ‘Landscape art’, the characteristic of the agricultural terrain on which the activities base will also be well utilized this year to build Taiwan’s first ever expo in the field.

The “2019 Taoyuan Agricultural Expo”is centered about “Time of agro-feast”by which the entire base is divided according to a time axis of agricultural development. Main experience of exhibition and space building are implemented in the way of advancing from traditional agricultural production, life to the eco-farming and healthy farming which are celebrated in modern days, toward futuristic circular agriculture and smart agriculture. That will be accompanied by real agricultural production in the field or lifestyle, among others, to usher the people into various aspects in the context of agricultural development.