Nature Garden: The Flower Story

Time:2019/09/11 06:48


ModifyTime:2019/10/07 16:33

Agency:Department of Tourism,Taoyuan, Taoyuan
360 Street View:

To link to international floral industry, this sector echoes to the theme and spirit of the Chelsea Flower Show at end of this May: “Back to Nature”. In the spirit of promoting and upgrading the flowers and produce local to Taoyuan, two themes are derived from the core thinking of “Taste TAE local produce and Savor Taiwan’s flower”: “A garden to display flower and an exhibition quarter of edible landscape composed of Taoyuan-produced vegetables and fruits”. That is surrounded by a display field of “Back to Nature” eco-cave that combines long stretches of high and low hills and ecological ponds, resulting in the hall of theme.


The exterior space of Nature Garden: The Flower Story has a main vision that displays floral effects in summer with totems of floral world. A floral landscape of large area being the canvas is adorned with fun sculpture of decorative arts like frogs, snails and butterflies in the nature, making perfect spots for photographing with the flower anywhere. An English team of world-class masters was further invited to create a work of garden, Master’s yard: the Rustic Garden, which is designed based on the inspiration of mother nature, having the refreshing atmosphere of a garden that implies the ecological concept of sustainability and offers experience of appreciating fun in the wilderness.


The objective is to demonstrate to visitors that modern urban gardens can be very eco-friendly and natural. The use of sustainable design methods in combination with the use of moral materials, indigenous plants and innovative technology enables reduction of carbon footprints and increase in habitats for wild animals to create more possibilities of ecological inhabitation.


Inside the hall, there are also four highlights:

  1. Calla lily in Taoyuan:

From the eye-catching wall of X’mas flower, Flora Baby leads visitors into the world of flower in Taoyuan, where Calla lily is the centerpiece of display of floral beauty in Taoyuan.

  1. Hello to the world:

Flower from Taoyuan is exported to and seen at every corner of the桃world. Starting from Taoyuan Airport, every visitor can see the hard strength of Taoyuan’s flower in the woods with flower and deer, the narrow alleys in Europe as well as the tropical ocean view.

  1. God of Flower flickering in Taoyuan

This decorative art is based on the imagination of God of Flower visiting and realized by reflectors that piece together, coupled with creation of floral art, which performs rhythmic motion of light when people pass by and renders the exhibition area with unique visual sense to people.

  1. Hands-on in Plant creation classroom

Designed to be by the side of the ecological pond is the Experience & teaching zone, where a variety of fun courses of hand-making is provided. The activities are accompanied by a wall of plant and many small hand tools to work on the many colors, further enlivening the entire space.


The space within the hall is such designed that the God of Flower leads every visitor through the world, from forest to European alleys and to tropical island, then back to Taoyuan. That reveals the strength of Taoyuan’s export of flower and let them understand the endeavor of all the people behind Taoyuan’s flower.