Taoyuan Wonderland

Time:2019/09/25 15:33


ModifyTime:2019/10/07 16:35

Agency:Department of Tourism,Taoyuan, Taoyuan
360 Street View:https://goo.gl/maps/yqrrC8NVwhByxV6z8​​​​​​​

“He suddenly came upon a peach grove which extended along the bank for about a hundred yards; the grove was so singularly free from the usual mingling of brushwood, while the fresh, beautifully grassy ground was covered with its rose petals.… At first the opening was very narrow, barely wide enough for one person to go in. After a dozen steps, it opened into a spread of light.” So depicts Tao Yuanming, a poet of Jin Dynasty, in his timelessly well-known essay about a lost horizon.

More than a thousand years later from Tao Yuanming, we now expect to be able to represent the farmland and retreat so depicted to the public at this Taoyuan Agriculture Expo by employing landscaping skills and vocabulary of wonderland. Thus, in overall landscape layout, a good number of meandering trails, soft waters and scattered clusters of vegetation are used to create the virtual and yet real visual effects and in turn render the atmosphere of wonderland.

Next, as the word “Taoyuan Wonderland” suggests literally and mentally, what visitors first see should be traditional rural village and rustic and natural scene. The theme hall that is hidden amid the wonderland and the leisure space situated between the layered clusters of vegetation are thus constructed with galvanized steel pipe used for greenhouse, plastic sheet for agricultural use and black net, with vines and climbers decorating the exterior and allowing them to blend in the wonderland and become a focus that draws visitors to explore in.

In order to let visitors extend their senses and views of travel within limited space, we apply the combination of partial green land and shaded space and the features of recreational agriculture zones in Taoyuan to allow visitors to come to know of the recreational farms that most feature the locality and culture while they are having fun and strolling; guide and explanation are also offered to better attract the visitors to arrange a tour another day.

It is trusted that the spatial planning and the integrated marketing plan of this event will let the visitors have in-depth understanding of Taoyuan and love the County. We also expect that in every year to come, visiting and travel like this will allow visitors to experience what is unique and fun and to keep many exciting memories.

Fig.1 Layout diagram of Expo area

Fig.2 Image of the entrance

Fig.3 Mock-up of the theme hall and perimeter

Fig.4 Mock-up of Expo area