The grand finale of Agriculture Expo.

Time:2019/10/22 18:35


ModifyTime:2019/10/25 12:07

Agency:Taoyuan City Government

Agriculture creation week will be held on Oct. 25 (Friday), 26 (Saturday) and 27 (Sunday), at the grassland theatre in the last weekend of Agriculture Expo. Street performers, Taoqing Star, Agriculture Life Concert, art creation fair, light food fat card, etc. will take turns to appear on the stage. We invite you with open arms to come and experience a weekend without even a single dull moment.

Check in at Taoyuan Agriculture Expo. - Happy Farmers fan page on Oct. 25 (Friday), 26 (Saturday), and 27 (Sunday) consecutively, to exchange for a small wormwood pot (with limited quantity only).

🌱 Agriculture creation week

Date: 10/25-10/26; Time: 12:00-20:00

Date: 10/27; Time: 15:00-17:00

Location: Grassland theater, Taoyuan Agricultural Expo.